About Boomers – for everybody – building generational bridges

OK Boomer! was a Millennial riposte to Baby Boomers who sneeringly called the younger generation “snowflakes”. The phrase took off and probably died in 2019. But it made me laugh. So much so that I’ve decided to appropriate the intended insult for this blog.

FYI, I was born pretty much at the end of the Baby Boomer era in 1963 – on exactly the same day as Johnny Depp (there the comparison ends). There’s so much BS been written about us Boomers that I hope this blog is a much needed corrective. We’re not angels. And we’re not demons. But we have had charmed existences – to a degree.

We know what the world was like pre-digital but then we invented and embraced digital. Our generation is accused of being conservative but we created more protest movements than any period before in history. In the 1970s, we shaped the ‘culture wars’ that rage today and spawned the Left and Right ideologies that dominate social media. Like it or not, you can still find us at the helm of both reactionary and revolutionary movements (Bernie! Corbyn! Etc).

Anyway – I’m not trying to wind up millennials – or post-millennials. I only have to breathe to do that. But, I sincerely hope this blog can build a fragile bridge from us Boomers to the Millennials. I know – it’s a hateful idea. But let’s give it a go. And permit me to reveal some truths about us reprehensible Baby Boomers.

Read on – you might learn something (yeah, I know, bit patronising…it’s a generational trait).

What People Say

There were all us Baby Boomers who had a grammar school education, started to learn, then went on the pill, the whole thing, and so there are today a lot more women writers, editors, producers, and so a lot more women’s stories

Julie Walters

You’re not a Baby Boomer if you don’t have a visceral recollection of a Kennedy and a King assassination, a Beatles break up, a U.S. defeat in Vietnam, and a Watergate.

P J O’Rourke

The turbulence of the 1960s set the ground for our generation to really soar. There’s no doubt that we are the beneficiaries of those who came before us. We are the affirmative action babies.

Julieanna Richardson

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