What a difference a virus makes…

Just three or four weeks ago I was travelling a lot for my work and as ever, taking in a few museums in my spare time. I took a group of people to the Louvre in Paris and while in Istanbul, strolled around one of my favourite historical sites in the world – the sixth century Hagia Sofia.

Both have now been impacted by the Coronavirus. The Louvre is shut so the Mona Lisa is off limits. And the last I saw on YouTube, the Hagia Sofia was being sprayed everywhere inside with disinfectant.

The first museum visit I remember very clearly was to the British Museum in 1972 when the treasures of Tutankhamun came to Britain. And I’m talking about his death mask and key artefacts. There is an exhibition touring Europe at the moment but without those iconic items. Needless to say the queue was incredibly long.

The brochure for the 1972 exhibition

We were entertained while we waited by a TV production crew from the programme Vision On – which was ostensibly a programme for deaf children but hugely popular with every child. And they were filming a regular feature within the programme called the “Mad Professor” which would take too long to explain to here’s a video clip:

The Mad Professor in action on Vision On
Me at the Louvre in 2020
Me at the Hagia Sofia in 2020

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